Will you consult with in-house departments outside the healthcare field?

No, our specialization in healthcare marketing allows us to have a deeper understanding of the market, trends and opportunities.

I know what role(s) I need to fill in my department, can you just help me hire the right person?

Regardless of who you think you might need, a complete Diagnostic and Feasibility Assessment MUST be conducted. Much like a surgeon wouldn’t operate unless he conducted a thorough analysis, Strategy Ranch believes that conducting the Diagnostic and Feasibility Assessment is necessary for a successful outcome.

I don’t want to jeopardize my relationship with my advertising agency, because I still need them to provide some services. How can I keep our relationship and still bring some services in-house?

The truth is your advertising agency wishes you did more in-house, too. They also value your relationship and don’t want to lose you as a client. They probably wish you gave them more work (and time) to do the things at which they excel. Strategy Ranch will structure the responsibilities so that each party is responsible for the work they are most proficient in producing.

Can Strategy Ranch help us develop internal processes before we expand our internal capabilities?

Yes, Strategy Ranch will examine your current processes and evaluate their effectiveness. We’ll make recommendations in terms of workflow and project management. If processes aren’t defined properly, adding additional responsibilities to an already stressed department will only lead to chaos.

Can Strategy Ranch help us find a new advertising agency?

Yes, Strategy Ranch can help healthcare organizations find the right advertising firm. Strategy Ranch doesn’t believe in the traditional RFP process. In fact, just issuing an RFP might keep the best agency from working with you. We can identify what should be important to you in selecting an advertising agency and also help you negotiate a contract with the right firm.

How can you determine which responsibilities should come in-house?

Having worked with dozens of healthcare organizations from the agency side, we have a unique insight into your business. We know what work you should do and what you shouldn’t because we’ve been there. The question ultimately lies in the amount of time the CMO can dedicate to managing people.

Will bringing additional capabilities in-house save our organization money?

The simple answer is yes. However, money shouldn’t be the only motivating factor behind expanding your marketing department’s capabilities. It is more about aligning responsibilities with qualified people. The quality of marketing work should rise significantly because people are doing more of the work they are qualified to do (and more importantly, not doing the work they are over-qualified to do.)