About us

Strategy Ranch is the leading consulting firm for healthcare organizations looking to expand or increase the efficiency of their in-house marketing department capabilities. 

We’re on a mission to prove that the best healthcare marketing starts from within – because that is where the expertise lies. 

Strategy Ranch believes advertising agencies and marketing firms provide valuable services, however, many hospitals have come to depend on them for the wrong things. We identify and create the processes needed to ensure hospital marketing staffs and ad agencies work together, each focusing on the right tasks, in order to ultimately deliver the best, most cost-effective results.

Why the name Strategy Ranch? Because it says what we do and how we do it.

The backbone of any successful marketing initiative is a solid strategy. It is easy to want to dive into execution when discussing a marketing challenge, but the real quest is to develop a solid business strategy that guides the execution. That is what we deliver for our clients.

Anyone who knows anything about ranching knows that it's hard work. Here in West Texas, it's even harder. Hard work from before the sun rises to well after it sets. We apply the same work ethic to our business. That's who we are. Author James Owen decribes the cowboy life and ranching as a "culture in which character counts above all." In his book "Cowboy Ethics" Owen defined the Code of the West as ten principles to live by. We agree and stand by them at The Strategy Ranch.

1. Live each day with courage

2. Take pride in your work

3. Always finish what you start

4. Do what has to be done

5. Be tough, but fair

6. When you make a promise, keep it

7. Ride for the brand

8. Talk less and say more

9. Remember that some things aren't for sale

10. Know where to draw the line